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The dream of Janus Tobak started almost three decades ago when my late father-in-law handed me my first premium cigar. I remember I initially smoked cigars with him because it was an opportunity for him to get to know me, I needed him to like me because I knew his daughter was the one. For 20 years Dale and I smoked cigars and talked. In the small town where I live, he was my primary smoking buddy, ok, my only smoking buddy.

There wasn’t a cigar purchase that either of us made without the other in mind – always buying enough to share, always looking for the newest, latest, greatest. During our times smoking cigars we talked about everything under the sun, including opening a shop. I learned so much about cigars, life and yes, death from him and am forever indebted.

Janus is the Roman God of opportunity and doors. Always looking to the past, remembering, learning from mistakes and celebrating success. Janus also looks to the future and doors of opportunity. Seemed to be the perfect name for my dream, his dream, our dream.

So, Janus Tobak is a tribute to Dale and the journey we had with cigars at the same time an opportunity for me to pass the passion of boutique cigars on to others. Never forget where you have been and always look to the future and those doors of opportunity – they are there!