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Cornelius & Anthony Sampler

Cornelius & Anthony Sampler

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I’m so excited to be offering this sampler! As a matter of fact the order was placed with being able to do this in mind. How about one of each of their core line in Robusto (my go to size)? A great way to get introduced with the Cornelius & Anthony line-up. There are cigars to fit all profiles that is sure to please all cigar smokers.

Sampler #1 - Brand Sampler Robusto

1 - Cornelius & Anthony Aerial Robusto

1 - Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius Robusto

1 - Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac Robusto

1 - Cornelius & Anthony Meridian Robusto

1 - Cornelius & Anthony Senor Esugars Robusto

1 - Cornelius & Anthony Venganza Robusto

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