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Dapper Sampler

Dapper Sampler

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I knew as soon as I launched Janus Tobak that I wanted to do a Dapper Sampler. I love the cigars that they put out and they have been selling like scrub brushes at a pig wash – ya, that is a thing in Wyoming! So, long story short, I stocked way up on them so I could finally offer up a sampler! This is a really great brand that you absolutely need to try – not just the El Borracho because the name reminds you of me, but because everything they are putting out is amazing!! They sell out fast, so grab them while you can!!

Sampler #1 - Four Cigar Brand Sampler

1 - Dapper Cubo Claro Robusto
1 - Dapper Cubo Maduro Toro
1 - Dapper El Barracho Robusto
1 - Dapper La Madrina Corona Gorda

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