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Holiday New Customer Sampler

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It is the holidays and in the spirit of giving, I came up with a sweet new sampler for anyone who hasn't purchased from Janus Tobak before.

So after a few beers, here is what I came up with..

Use the code, hello, to get this two cigar and lighter sampler worth $40 for only $11.95 with free shipping. This is 70% off this sampler, the cigars (like MBombay), which I currently sell on the website. Trust me when I tell you the cigars I include, will blow your mind. Plus, the lighter is no crappy POS lighter. It is a solid triple flame, and I am using it myself.

I told you I went crazy :)

Don't forget to use the code hello at checkout to save 70%, and get this sampler for $11.95 with free shipping.

Since this sampler is 70% off, so this sampler is only available to new customers and limited to one sampler per new customer.

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