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Is the Juice.. Worth the Squeeze?
Is the Juice.. Worth the Squeeze?

Is the Juice.. Worth the Squeeze?

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Part of the dream to have my own lounge was to be able to offer some good cigars and have a whole lot of fun doing so. The first line Janus Tobak is going to release is the “Is the Juice… Worth the Squeeze?” The first time I heard that saying I actually had to do a google search to figure out exactly what it meant – and fell in love with it!! It really does pertain, on a fun level, to cigars.

So, what can you expect from initial release of Is the Juice… Worth the Squeeze

It is a Toro 6 x 50, and it’s medium in body and strength. It comes in a five pack. I wanted to blend something which wouldn't overpower the novice and would satisfy the experienced smoker alike. It uses Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the factory, but I can tell you it was rolled in Nicaragua.

Flavors include cream, chocolate, cedar, coffee with some lovely hints of graham cracker sprinkled in.

This is a really good cigar, really good, but I might be biased. I am very proud of this cigar and hope you enjoy it.

But, you will need to ask yourself.. Is the Juice… Worth the Squeeze?

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