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No Fuzz on this Peach
No Fuzz on this Peach
No Fuzz on this Peach

No Fuzz on this Peach

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Well, it’s time for the next Janus Tobak release. I wanted to release a cigar that fit my palate, what I like – full body, medium plus strength with deep rich complex flavors that include pepper, chocolate, espresso, cream! I love that in a cigar!!! Throw in some earthy cedar, nuttiness, honey graham sweetness and subtle hints of citrus? Well, slap me on the ass and take me to bed!!

Now, full disclosure, let’s clear the fuzz in the air, I did not actually hand pick the tobacco, I did not physically roll these cigars, I did not know the amount of each leaf to put into it to get what I want. But, I know people that know how to do just that!

You know, the first release was easy to name – I mean it was a bit of play on is this cigar worth the price, is any cigar worth the price. I really wanted to keep with the fruit theme – shit, I bought a ton of fruit stamps and my daughters are too old to play with them. Funny how inspiration comes in un-expecting places. While chatting online about The Juice it hit me. There is no fuzz on this peach!! A little play on words, a little truth and a cigar that has silky smooth transitions – just made a whole lot of sense!!

So, with no degree in marketing, just knowing what I like, knowing people in the industry and really like to have a lot of fun I am excited to see what people think of “No Fuzz on this Peach”

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

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